Terms & Conditions


- It is advised that children wear appropriate footwear. 

  i.e. no open toe shoes / sandals / flip flops. 

- Their must be an adult member of the party available to sign a disclaimer upon arrival to confirm that they take full responsibility of all the children participating in the party.


- By booking this pony party you understand that we are working with animals and accidents can  

  happen which is out of our control.


- An adult must be around at all times to supervise the children. 

- We will not be held responsible for any damage to your property. i.e. if the pony leaves footprints in   

   your lawn.


- pony rides have a weight limit of 30KG, if a member of the party is over this weight I'm afraid they will not be able to participate in riding, but will be able to join in with the rest of the pony party.


- upon making the booking a non refundable deposit must be made to secure your booking. 

   However in the unlikely circumstances we can not make your booking then a full refund shall be 


- Payment for your pony party can be made prior to the date booked or upon arrival.