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We are based in Ash Green on the Surrey/Hampshire border. We bring the magic, sparkle and WOW to your event. 

From birthday parties, weddings, festivals to photoshoots we offer a wide variety of unicorn magic!

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And now you can have your party in our new and enchanting venue, The Woodland Wonderland!

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"Actual" Facts about Unicorns!

Written by Dean Brodrick


So, What do you want to know about Unicorns?
You know, there are so many different kinds of Unicorn. 

Magical Unicorns live in Alaska because they love cold weather. They use magic to keep themselves warm.
They are the most famous kind of Unicorn.
They come in all shades of pastel blue, pink and purple colours. Magical unicorns sleep lying down. 

They go to sleep at about 11 o'clock at night and wake up at 11 o'clock in the morning. If they do not get the right amount of sleep they will be grumpy for the rest of the week. So they need their sleep.


Then there are Shang-Chin Unicorns who live in China,
because the Chinese people a long, long, time ago domesticated the first Unicorn. They come in pastel shades of red and yellow.
They are the smallest of all Unicorns,
and they are the most friendly ones. 

Bluvhar Unicorns live in Africa because when the English colonized Africa, a man called Thomas Bluvhar kept a Unicorn
and he named it the Bluvhar Unicorn.
Bluvhar Unicorns are pastel shades of brown to black. 

They are the biggest kind of Unicorn. 

Blevheighstein Unicorns live in Germany.
They are a German species of Unicorn.
They have the softest manes of all the Unicorns.
They come in a light grey colour or they can be pure white. They are very playful and they are funny, 

They are the funniest of all the unicorns. 

Also there is the Cavaiden Unicorn that comes Canada
Which is the country where maple syrup comes from, and snow.
Cavaiden Unicorns love to play in the snow.
I don't know if they like Maple syrup but they probably do.
Many people in Nunavut
(Which is the land of the Inuits)
they keep a Cavaiden Unicorn.
They come in very light shades of light pink and light blue.
And they have a very special tail - which is stripey with purple and black stripes. 

All Unicorns are very shy and they like to have their privacy.
Unicorns walk very delicately because they don't want to step on flowers or insects or animals, because they like the flowers and the insects.
They love trotting and galloping and they like jumping
They can jump over rivers and they don't even get wet
and they don't leave any footprints.
They especially like jumping over dragons. 

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