Christmas with the Unicorns

Tickets on sale now!


A cheeky elf told a flutttering fairy, who whispered to one of our mystical unicorns that Santa is visiting the Woodland Wonderland again this year.

All of our little unicorns have now been told and are very excited, they are helping to turn our beautiful woodland wonderland into a magical, sparkly christmassy coppice in preparation for the celebrations.

Your child/ren will firstly be greeted by our glimmering, golden Unicorn, they will get to ride on his jingle sleigh down through the forest to where they will be met by our two little mischievous Pony Elves!

After warming up with a cup of our delicious spiced punch and a nibble on a yummy festive treat, you will wait to be called through by one of our friendly eskimos to meet the big guy himself, Santa!!!

Once they have found out which list they are on and told Santa their christmas wishes, you will get to discover the secret passageway behind Santas grotto which leads you back up along the winding path to see our little unicorns. 

Don't forget our friendly eskimos love taking photos so don't be shy in asking them for help whilst you pose!

Now for the grown ups information...

Visits last for around  30 minutes

This is set in a woodland and although we have covered areas if its bad weather you will be out in it so please dress appropriately, no heels or opened toes shoes.


We try and stagger arrival times to make sure you and your group get to experience all of this on your own, this is not a multi group activity like some of our other events, so please try and arrive approximately five to ten minutes prior to your chosen time so we can get you started on time. Once booked ticket times cannot be changed.

Babes in arms are free of charge but will not be able to take part in the activites. Everything above is included in the ticket price, there are no hidden costs when you arrive.

Child tickets are for ages two to eleven. Older siblings are welcome but will need to purchase an adult ticket. Please do not purchase adult tickets without a child ticket, unless prior agreement with management.


For our full terms and conditions please visit our T&Cs page -

Tickets are non refundable or transferable. 

Adult Tickets - £6.00

Child Tickets - £24

Child "Christmas Eve" Tickets - £30

LIMITED - Friday 20th December 4pm - 4.30pm -

Friday 20th December 4.30pm - 5pm -

Friday 20th December 5pm - 5.30pm -

Friday 20th December 5.30pm - 6pm -

SOLD OUT - Saturday 21st December 4pm - 4.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Saturday 21st December 4.30pm - 5pm -

Saturday 21st December 5pm - 5.30pm -

Saturday 21st December 5.30pm - 6pm -

SOLD OUT - Sunday 22nd December 4pm - 4.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Sunday 22nd December 4.30pm - 5pm -

Sunday 22nd December 5pm - 5.30pm -

Sunday 22nd December 5.30pm - 6pm -

LIMITED - Monday 23rd December 4pm - 4.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Monday 23rd December 4.30pm - 5pm -

Monday 23rd December 5pm - 5.30pm -

Monday 23rd December 5.30pm - 6pm -

Christmas Eve 4pm - 4.30pm -

Christmas Eve 4.30pm - 5pm -

Christmas Eve 5pm - 5.30pm -

Christmas Eve 5.30pm - 6pm -

Sold out - My Little Unicorns Trick or Treat Halloween

Halloween with the Unicorns



We had so much fun and great feedback from our halloween events last year that we've decided to do it all over again!

There will be a trick or treat hunt, halloween games, special spooky guests and of course unicorn riding!

This is aimed at children aged two to seven so although it is halloween themed don't worry they will be going home smiling not screaming!

Everything offered is included in the ticket price.

Children under 2 years are free of charge and will not be able to take part in any of the activites, however they are welcome to use the play area.

We ask everybody to arrive no earlier than 15 mins before the start time and no later than 5mins before the start time. We cannot wait for late arrivals and you may miss parts of the fun.


Tickets are non refundable or transferable, unless in a rare circumstance we have to cancel the event.

There will be free refreshments available for the children and adults.

For our full T&Cs please visit our terms and conditions page.

Please click on the links below for your ticket purchases

SOLD OUT - Wednesday 30th Oct 11am - 12.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Wednesday 30th Oct 2pm -3.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Thursday 31st Oct 11am - 12.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Thursday 31st Oct 2pm - 3.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Friday 1st Nov 11am - 12.30pm -

SOLD OUT - Friday 1st Nov 2pm - 3.30pm -